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Musical Instrument Rentals

Renting online is easy,fast and recommended.
Everything you need to get your young musician playing this school year is right here on this page. If you feel you'd like to come in personally to rent an instrument or simply have a question please give us a call (or fill out the online form below) to set up a time and we will gladly help you in person (our number is 203-741-9500).
Please call us first before coming down as we are a music school and are almost always in a class teaching and may not be able to give you the time you need.

For the 2022 rental season we will have a

limited supply so please rent online or

contact us ASAP to claim your instrument.


    To rent online                                               

Wallingford school system requires your child to have a bell cover with your instrument. Click on the links below to purchase the ones you need from Amazon.

Have questions and cant call? Fill out this form and we will respond asap

Success! Message received.


About Our Rental Program


Pat Russo Music is an affiliate of The Creative Music Center.

This partnership allows us to offer the highest quality instruments, service and repair all for

the lowest price and highest value to our customers. Sharing the same business philosophy of "Musicians first" we feel our affiliation is a match made in heaven.

Renting a quality, brand-name instrument is an inexpensive and therefor practical way to

"try before you buy".  With our convenient and flexible rental program, you can get your child started in a school music program without investing in an instrument before you know for sure your child is committed.  Our rent-to-own program is designed to help students have success in music.  We feature top quality student instruments at affordable prices.  The best part? 

Unlike other rental companies, your payments - excluding tax and maintenance - go toward

the purchase of the instrument you are renting or a better quality instrument. 

As new music students, your child is going to learn to read music notes and become

familiar with the mechanics of their instrument (fingerings and proper positioning) and learn how to produce a good quality sound.  The instrument your child takes to school should enhance - not inhibit - the process.  Pat Russo Music rental instruments are chosen for their

reliability, durability, and playability.

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