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Amity Wahl

Co-Founder Pat Russo Music LLC
Vocal and Flute Instructor
7 Years Experience

Student Testimonials

Amity Wahl has been an instructor in the Wallingford area for over 7 years.
She is a professional musician who has performed with many music groups
including the UMASS Chorale, UMASS Chamber Choir, UCONN Festival
Chorus, Chorale Connecticut, and the New Haven Oratorio Choir.  She is a
co-founder of the UCONN Chordials a cappella group as well as a former
member of Harmonious Soul a cappella group.
She writes original music with her husband Pat Russo for the band

If Not For Dreaming and her music can be heard at

Amity Wahl Video Biography

"Shiver" by If Not For Dreaming...

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